Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kacey and Catherine are off to London!

The night before we departed Catherine and I decided to throw a goodbye party for ourselves. Actually all I did was provide a house, it was really hosted by Same Hale, Pat White, Kate, Sadie, and Nick Nielson. We had John's special homemade salsa, pizza, and to top it off, homemade sprinkles cupcakes....quite the combo. Well the party was supposed to start at 8pm, but by about 8:30pm with no guests we were starting to get a little worried. Luckily, just shortly after our concerns came they quickly left when Paul May arrived, bringing with him swimming, dancing, and a truly magical musical number. He also seemed to kick off the event as far as people went because everyone seemed to arrive around 9pm. All our friends came, and we were lucky enough to have gruesome twosome make a quick appearance. The night was seriously so much fun and the perfect way to bid everyone farewell. See you December 10th!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A London Lunch

Today Karen Hale threw a London Luncheon for Cath and me. It was the perfect way to get us excited for the experience because everything from the food, to the place settings, to the people were London themed. Everyone there apart from my mom has done the BYU London Study Abroad and even stayed at 27 Palace Court where I'll be staying. The people there were Karen and Hannah Hale, Ruth and Jen Todd, Catherine, Abigail and Lisa Adams, and my mom and me.  We started the party with a round of a game called "Cockney Slang" about old London Lingo and how to understand it. (example: "Barney Rubble" is the rhyming code for "Trouble") Then while dining on rolls, cold pea soup, mini cucumber sandwiches, and a raspberry vinigarette  salad I listened to everyone reflect on funny stories, crazy adventures, and life in 27 Palace Court. It made me so excited to get there and experience it for myself. We finished off the lunch with delicious chocolate cupcakes and a piece of advice from everyone on what to do while we're there. Make a list of things to do every day, have fun, be adventurous, don't stay inside, and enjoy every minute were just some of the things they said. I loved our London Lunch and can not wait to actually be in London, live in 27 Palace Court, and begin a life changing experience!