Wednesday, September 30, 2009

39 girls do Northern England, Day 4 Preston

The River Rubble, where the first baptisms occured

Day 4 was filled with church history. We said goodbye to the Lake District and drove to Preston. This is where the first missionaries in England came and preached. We met our tourguide for the day here and he took us all around the city. We saw where the first missionaries preached, where they lived, and where the first baptisms in England took place. He also led us to a Japanese Garden where a plaque was placed in honor of the missionaries that have come through Preston. It was really interesting, but we were all feeling cold and tired so it was a little exhausting.
When we left Preston behind we drove through two smaller towns and ended in Chorley, where the Preston Temple is. It was really cool to see the temple. We were given some time to wander the grounds, take pictures, and just enjoy ourselves. It's always amazing to me to see other temples and realize how huge the Salt Lake temple really is. You could circle this entire temple in under five minutes. Crazy. After that we drove to Liverpool, checked into our final hostel, and were sent on our own to find dinner. We went the most amazing outdoor mall with every shop possible and had Mexican food! It tasted so good. I felt like I was in America and it was a good feeling. That night we fell asleep to Pride and Prejudice. Long, but good day.

       Preston Temple

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