Thursday, September 17, 2009

"As you Like It" and we did.

On Monday night our entire group went to Shakespeare's "As You Like It" at the globe theatre. I was interested to see it because I was the lead in this exact play in 6th grade, and wasn't sure if these professionals could measure up. Unfortunately it barely outdid my childhood performance and really was fabulous. To get there we took the tube to "St. Paul's" and I saw St. Paul's cathedral up close for the first time. It is the most incredible structure. First of all it's massive, and second of all everything down to the last detail is totally precise and perfect. I can't wait to go inside of it. On our way there the lighting was just perfect and there was an amazing sunset. After leaving St. Paul's behind we got to cross the Millennium Bridge (from Harry Potter 6)!
 I was truly loving it. We took a bunch of pictures and I was definitely feeling the Harry Potter magic. Laugh if you want, but I'll never deny HP. Anyways, we eventually made it across the bridge and into the Globe Theatre. It was really cool. It's round, and tall, and I felt like I had crossed into a different century. We got ourselves situated and when the play started I realized that this was going to be a real, legitmate, Shakespeare play. I'm not sure how I forgot that, but I did, and suddenly I was really excited. The play was so good. First of all the actors were great, and second of all it was really funny. I knew it was a comedy, but seeing it come to life makes it that much more apparent...and I laughed a lot. When it was over we wandered back to our home and called it a night. Oh Shakespeare...

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