Thursday, October 15, 2009

Borough Market

On Saturday a group of us went to Borough Market. It is a huge food market that goes on every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We'd heard great things about it, but the actual experience surpassed all my expectations. There were literally dozens of stands and an endless varieties of food. When we walked in we didn't even know where to begin. People were everywhere, colorful tents lined the sidewalk, and I was immediately excited. We decided to just start wandering and quickly discovered the beauty in Free Samples. Everywhere we went people were offering us small tastes of their food. I tried brownies, shortbread, pesto, balsamic vinigarette, pastries, chocolate, turkish delight, fudge, strawberries and cream, and lots of cheese (just to name a few). I couldn't get enough of it. A few of my favorites were all the cheeses, the pesto, and the crumbly fudge. I've decided that cheese is definitely one of the essential food groups in life. Pesto is delicious anytime you have it, and the crumbly fudge was simply to die for. I'm sad to say that I didn't like the Turkish Delight. I had high hopes for it after seeing "Chronicles of Narnia", but it really wasn't very tasty. It was a really good thing that a group of us went together...we all sampled and shared everything, but thankfully didn't overeat (which could have easily happened). I've decided that if I'm ever at a loss for lunch on the weekends I'll just hop on over to Borough Market and be totally satisfied. It was a great day!

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