Sunday, October 25, 2009

When in Bath do as the Bathers do...

Our last stop was Bath. Bath is a pretty historical place. It was in this small city that the Romans once lived. They built an entire life here including buildings, homes, and...baths of course. When we got to the town we took an audio tour of the Roman Baths. It was actually really cool to learn about. The Baths were literally meant for the people's enjoyment and varied in temperature, size, class, and purpose. The only naturally heated bath was for the King's use only. The main bath in the center was for everyone's use. The indoor bath's were for more private use. They even used them for recreation. I guess I forget that even then people needed time to relax, play, and enjoy themselves. Another fascinating fact I learned was that the water in the baths today is the same water that was in it hundreds of years ago. When they discovered them they were still full and have been ever since. That is just crazy. I'm not sure I would like to take a bath in one of them anytime soon.
After we finished our tour we had time to explore the city. It's actually quite a charming place. It reminded me of Italy in alot of ways. There were cobblestone streets, narrow roads, and smaller buildings. Annie, Cath, Abs, and I ran into a delicious fudge shop and couldn't resist giving it a taste. We then sat down in a small square so they could sketch and I could write some poetry (not lying). We've turned quite artsy over here in England. When it was time to go we hopped on the bus and had a long 3 hour drive back to the city.

It was a really great day. I would go as far as to say that it was my favorite day trip yet!


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