Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reese Witherspoon strolling through the halls of Parliament.

On Wednesday our group went on a tour of Parliament. It was a really good time. We started the day by getting our own personal photo badges to enter the building. However, we weren't actually aware of the pictures being taken so the result was an assortment of awkward faces strewn across all our badges. It was pretty entertaining to see what everyone's looked like. In mine I've got a nice half-blink going on, and due to my shortness I'm halfway out of the screen... priceless. The guard that took Laura's picture told her that Reese Witherspoon was in the building that morning and to keep a close eye out. We were all hoping for a glimpse of her somewhere in the halls. Well we didn't have to look far or wait too long because while we were waiting in the entry hall to start the tour who should walk by us but REESE! It was the strangest experience. All the sudden there she was just strolling on past us. I admit I felt a little starstruck. She looked just like she does in the movies. See famous person in London--Check! It took me a minute to focus in on the tour after that, but eventually I got there and found it all really interesting. I learned that the Queen had been there just 2 weeks previously to open Parliament, and that they still keep to every tradition no matter how long it has existed. I think that is so cool. It really is still so structured, orderly, and exact from the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. We even got to watch the Speakers of the House enter at 11am. It was a very formal affair including silence, and the removal of hats. At the end of the tour we took a group picture on the stairs. It was a really fun activity!

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