Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Skating down Abbey Road

Last Friday was a really fun day. It was a nice relief to get away from the center and finals for a few hours and do something exciting. First a huge group of us went to Abbey Road. It was such a good time. After a lengthy tube ride and wandering down some streets we finally arrived. It was really cool. There was the actual crosswalk they used and the official Abbey Road Studios.

First we signed the wall in front of the studio. That was a lot of fun. It was cool to see how many signatures have accumulated on it over the years, and what all of them said. A lot of people quoted John Lennon, Beatles songs, and other well known words. I went for simplicity and just decided to write my name. Classic right? I thought so. All the other girls had fun signing the wall too. It was after this that we decided we better cross the crosswalk...


It was pretty embarrassing to behave like complete tourists. After living here for over 3 months I've kind of taken pride in the fact that I now behave like a Londoner. However, there are just some things that can't be helped and this was one of them. You could tell that the cars who drove on that street are completely aware that the crosswalk has frequent visitors. They always stopped and had this look on their face like "here we go again". And of course you can never get the shot you want the first time around. We had to go back and forth a good four or five times before we were satisfied. It was a lot of fun, just totally touristy. I was happy with the results though.

Later that afternoon we had another fun activity in store. A group of us decided to go ice skating at the Somerset House! Cath and I have been wanting to do that since we heard about it in September so we were really excited. It didn't disappoint either. I had a blast! I admit I'm a terrible ice skater, but I still love it. I just held onto anyone in sight so I wouldn't fall over. The rink was quite the site too. They decorated it with a "Tiffany's" theme so everything was Tiffany Blue, and the gift shop was even shaped as a big Tiffany's Box. I couldn't get enough of it. We got a good 45 minutes of ice skating in before our time was up. By the time it was over I had gotten pretty good too. It was just so much fun because it made it finally feel like Christmas in London and took my mind off of all the school stress I had been feeling. Plus, it pretty much completed my list of "Must Do's" in London! Perfect!

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