Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paris: Practically Perfect in Every Way, Day 5

Saturday was our last day in Paris. We decided to enjoy the day and do everything we hadn't done yet. First, however, we had to sneak out of that darn hotel one more time. Once again we were successful and it was a relief to know that I won't have to do that anymore. From there we decided to drop our bags at the train station before actually beginning our day. It took us a good half hour to actually find the place to store our bags and then another ten minutes to find out way out, but we managed. From there we went in search of the "Moulin Rouge". We knew the general location so we decided to go from there. Everyone kept telling us to keep heading down the street so we did. The area was getting sketchier and sketchier so I was pretty sure we were in the right place. After about ten minutes we arrived. I'd have to say that the movie makes it appear much cooler than it is. However, it's still cool to say we've seen the official Moulin Rouge.

After that we were starving so we decided to return to our favorite crepe place by Notre Dame and get some lunch crepes.  Today Cath and I decided we better share ours. We ordered a chicken and cheese one again and he made it huge! It was just as delicious as before. I still consider it one of the better meals I've had in my life. With happy tummies we wandered along the river for a little bit before heading over to the Eiffel Tower. It was fun to see it in the day time. It's like a completely different structure. Because they do have the best in town, we couldn't resist picking up some dessert crepes. Cath and I shared a banana-coconut-nutella one. And yes, that was 2 crepes in the span of about 2.5 hours, but it was our last day...we had to splurge. We weren't in any hurry so we just wandered down the way to get some fun pictures in front of the tower. It was a fun little photo shoot. We made sure to get plenty of pictures. At one point a group of boys hopped in our picture that were dressed in spandex, feather boas, and wearing masks. We asked them what it was about and they said, "Initiation". Possibly Paris' version of Greek Row? It was pretty funny.

As we got further down the lawn we got a little more creative. First we took some pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower throwing leaves into the air. We found it worked pretty good when you set the camera on "continuous". (Although you then end up with about 50 pictures in the span of 5 seconds.) It was a lot of fun to see us throwing the leaves from start to finish like in a flip-book. After leaf throwing we started the jumping pictures. Those were fun too. My dad made the comment that you could track mine and Catherine's life together in jumping pictures, and he's probably right. We just love it.

After saying goodbye to old Eiffel for the last time we headed over the Gallery Lafayette. It is a huge department store in Paris. When I say huge, I mean huge. Plus, it was jam packed. I'm guessing that a Saturday afternoon during the holiday season is a busy time for the French. However, we had a goal in mind. Cath and I each wanted to get Longchamp purses. We'd seen them all over London and Paris and I really liked them. I decided that it would be my Paris Purchase Memory. After waiting in line to even get into the Longchamp section I picked one out. I went with black and was very happy with my purchase.

It was feeling pretty claustrophobic in that store so we left and went to the Champs Elysees for the last time. We had a lot of time on our hands so we took our time strolling in and out of all the shops. It was a lot of fun, but I was definitely feeling the exhaustion of all we had done in 5 days. We went in Sephora, Nike, Haagen Daaz, and the candy shop for the last time. When it was time we headed back to the train station. I was really excited to get back to London for our last 3 weeks. I love love loved Paris though! It is still one of my very favorite places in the world! I hope I get to go back there soon!

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