Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hallow's Eve at 27 Palace Court

27 Palace Court's Halloween Party!

For Halloween we decided to throw a big Hallow's Eve Party! This included costumes, candy, carving pumpkins, and homemade caramel apples. It was so much fun and a great way to kick off the Halloween weekend. Everybody came in their costume best and were fully into the spirit of the spooky holiday. I decided to wear Halloween colors and sport the eye make my mom sent to me (Thanks mom!) Cath, Laura, Annie, and I helped get everything set up and cute JaeLyn made homemade cracker jack (yum), and caramel for the apples. She even made cinnamon, crushed up hobnobs, and provided white and milk chocolate flakes to add to the apples. She does so much for us! We started the night by taking some fun pictures and snacking on the cracker jack and other candy. Eventually we made it into the kitchen to carve some pumpkins. I was so excited to do this because my family had done it the night before at home and I was so sad I couldn't be there. Annie and I decided to carve one together. It started as just a Jack-O-Lantern, but soon became Harry Potter the Jack-O-Lantern...very cool I know. She had fun digging out the seeds, and I had fun attempted at carving. We both decided that our dads are better off doing all the carving for us, but we think we would have made them proud. Our fellow carvers were very impressive. Catherine made a "Mind the Gap" symbol, Laura carved "27 Palace Court, London" into a tiny pumpkin, Mandi did Stonehenge,  and Abby and Nicole did the British flag, just to name a few.


After our pumpkins were complete we headed downstairs to make our caramel apples. I picked the reddest, shiniest apple in the bunch, dipped it in delicious caramel, rolled it in some cinnamon, dabbed on some hobnobs, and sprinkled the top with chocolate. It your mouth watering? Because mine is. At the time I barely allowed it to cool before I started devouring it. It was unbelievably delicious. I savored every bite and ate every morsel. I think we all did.

When everyone was ready we decided it was time to light up our Jack-O-Lanterns on our porch for all the world to see. I have to admit, they all looked pretty cute sitting on the stairs. We took about a million pictures of them for proof. I think the party made everyone really happy. It felt like a stress reliever and a way for all of us to hang out together. I loved every second of it and am so glad we did it!


My Halloween Night....

For my Halloween in London all I wanted to do was go on the London Eye, and I got my wish! To celebrate the holiday we actually did a bunch of things. We went to Borough Market in the afternoon and Laura finally found some hot apple cider. I shared a cup with her and it was delicious. We're planning to return there as soon as we can for a few more glasses. After Borough we came back to the center and had to get ready for our night. Abs, Cath, and I dressed up as witches. We all wore black dresses, colored striped tights, and black witch hats. Later in the night man called us the "3 Witches of Eastwick" and I liked it, so that's who we were. Laura was the cutest nerd ever, Annie and Emmy deemed the title of Julia Roberts and Kat DeLuca from Pretty Woman, and Lauren was a cat. I must say, we were quite the festive crew. As soon as we were ready we rushed out the door and headed to the London Eye.


The London Eye was everything I hoped it would be. Everyone down there was dressed up. I loved that. It made it really feel like Halloween. I wasn't sure if Londoners did that sort of thing, but they proved me wrong. We also chose to go at the perfect time of day. We were overlooking the city around 5 o'clock and this was just right because it was sunset, so we could see the whole city light up. Laura was so excited because we actually saw Big Ben turn on. The eye is so cool because you can literally see everything. It was fun to try and find Hyde Park, and St. Paul's, and all the places we've been to. It also felt like Peter Pan in a lot of ways when they fly over the city. To sum it up, I really loved it.


When we finished the London Eye we starting make our way to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. However, we didn't get far before we were stopped again by hot, homemade donuts right there on the bridge. Obviously, it being Halloween and all, we had to get some. They were as delicious as we hoped they'd be. We planned right then to return. Soon. When we got on the tube we started planning our music video. It's going to be epic...including everything in London and more. However, in order to make it amazing we have to dance... in silence... everywhere. That being said, Laura wasted no time in filming us waiting for the tube, on the tube, in the streets, dancing. It was a little awkward at first, but we got over it pretty quickly. I'm now really excited to get this video filmed.

We finally got to Hard Rock to find there was about an hour wait, but we had expected that. We wandered over to the gift shop for a while and ended up getting an "exclusive" tour of their museum. Ok, so it really wasn't exclusive, but it was cool. They had a guitar from Kiss, Elton John's credit card, and a whole slew of other things. It was pretty fun. We even got a rocking picture. When our name was called we were more than ready for dinner, and they definitely delivered. The food tasted so good. I shared a salad and fries Laura and loved every bit of it. Plus, the workers were all dressed up and kept scaring us. Lauren screamed every time. It was hilarious. On our way home we stopped for some cookies (again, it's ok because it's Halloween). When we got home we chatted in the servery for a while and drank some DC.

It was a great a Halloween in London town!


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