Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Christmas and a Jim Carrey New Year!

Last Tuesday I woke up with a terrible cold so I slept through the morning and did my best to get better. It was nice to relax in my bed, although I do wish my mom could have been here to take care of me. That night I was finally feeling better, which was good because we had an adventure ahead of us. A group of us decided to go to Regents Street and Oxford Circus for the lighting of all the Christmas lights. And on top of that, Collin Firth and Jim Carrey were there to promote their new movie, "A Christmas Carol"! We were really excited. It was so fun to be down there at night. There were people everywhere, all the stores had Christmas decorations up, and it just felt like the holidays. I loved it. When we got to Oxford Street we couldn't believe how many people were there. It was jam packed. We didn't let it stop us though. We all linked arms and did our best to push our way forward. No, we didn't get to the front, but we did make significant progress. It was a lot of fun. Three bands performed, two of which we've never heard of. One, however, is considered a close personal friend of Palace Court. His name is Peter Andre, and we unknowingly met him at York a couple months ago. So crazy and funny and unlikely, but we love to say we know him. After the performers and a couple rounds of Mariah Carey's. "All I Want for Christmas is You" Jim Carrey came on stage. We were so excited and cheering so loudly! We counted down from 10 and he turned on the all the lights! It was so fun and beautiful and just made it feel so Christmasy. The one benefit of London not celebrating Thanksgiving is that Christmas gets started much earlier.


After the lights were on we attempted to hurry out of the crowd before it got too crazy. Our goal was to make it to Leicester Square to see the celebrities on the red carpet. We were nearly out and no one had been separated, when all of a sudden Abby, Brooke, and I were suddenly all alone. It was so strange. We remained calm and decided to head to the tube stop in the hopes of finding the others. Luckily we had only walked about 5 minutes when we saw them standing on the corner. Thank goodness! I would've hated to lose them. From there we stuck together as we hurried to the movie premier. When we got there we had a few minutes to spare and then we saw Jim Carrey again, this time walking into the theatre. I loved it again. Afterwards we finished off the night with some chinese food. I have to say it really hit the spot.

It was definitely a night to remember in London town!

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